n; -s, -s und -e laboratory; umg. lab
* * *
das Labor
lab; laboratory
* * *
La|bor [la'boːɐ]
nt -s, -s or -e
laboratory, lab (inf)
* * *
(a place especially in a hospital where medicines are given out.) dispensary
* * *
<-s, -s o -e>
nt laboratory, lab
* * *
das; Labors, Labors, auch: Labore laboratory
* * *
Labor n; -s, -s und -e laboratory; umg lab
* * *
das; Labors, Labors, auch: Labore laboratory
* * *
-s n.
laboratory n.

Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch. 2013.


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